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Tell Mother’s Cookies to Stop Promoting Animal Abuse in Circuses!

Ferrero North America brand Mother’s Cookies is making light of the suffering that animals experience when they’re used in cruel circuses. The product’s packing shows elephants, camels, and lions as “circus animals.” This language is a form of speciesism that makes people who see these cookies think that it’s OK to use animals for human entertainment.

Animals used in circuses are typically torn away from their mothers as babies, are locked up in cages or chained, and live in fear of being hit again with weapons like whips, electric prods, and sharp steel-tipped bullhooks. Trainers force them to balance on balls, spin on pedestals, walk on two legs, and ride bicycles. Mother’s Cookies is pretending that suffering doesn’t exist in the circus—and these animals deserve more.

Just last year, Dukal Corporation stopped making bandages featuring images of animals in circuses, joining Nabisco, which redesigned its animal crackers box, and Trader Joe’s, which redesigned several packages to no longer feature images of elephants in circus settings or performing circus-style tricks. Hundreds of venues and dozens of communities nationwide have banned or restricted circuses with animals. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus returned without using living, feeling beings, and UniverSoul Circus has ditched its cruel animal acts.

Please use the form below to urge Ferrero North America to stop promoting animal circuses on its Mother’s Cookies packaging and to be truly animal-friendly by ditching the dairy and confectioner’s glaze—which comes from insects—in its products.


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