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Get Rudolph Out of SeaWorld

Rudolph became famous because he courageously led Santa and his reindeer friends to safety one foggy Christmas Eve. He's such a special reindeer that there's even a song about him. And he deserves it, because he stepped up for his pals when they needed him!

But instead of letting Rudolph help his animal friends, as he's famous for doing, SeaWorld is using him to trick kids into visiting its parks, where orcas and other animals are unhappy and treated badly. Someone as kind and compassionate as Rudolph would never want to go to a cruel place like SeaWorld—so now, we have to help him!

SeaWorld traps giant orcas in tiny tanks and has separated babies from their moms. It's like prison, but for animals who didn't do anything wrong. Orcas are super smart and like to swim really far in the ocean (up to 140 miles a day!), but at SeaWorld, they don't have anything meaningful to do and they have barely any space to swim in. Can you imagine how terrible it would feel to be stuck in one spot with nothing to do all day?

Character Arts is the company that's lending Rudolph to SeaWorld, and we can stand up for him and the animals trapped in the marine park's tanks by asking it not to keep making Rudolph go there.

Ask Character Arts to Stop Making Rudolph Go to SeaWorld!

Character Arts

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